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MTE is a Yaskawa Product Partner

Yaskawa’s U1000 Industrial Matrix drive is an all-in-one solution for ultra-low harmonics. MTE’s compliment of motor protection solutions on the output side of the drive make this a match made in heaven.

SineWave Guardian® and dV Sentry® Filters

For motor protection, there is nothing better.

MTE Corporation has partnered with Yaskawa America to offer a complete line of motor protection solutions that are compatible with the Yaskawa U1000 Industrial MATRIX drive. MTE’s RL/RLW reactors, dV Sentry® dv/dt filters, and SineWave Guardian® sinewave filters have been fully tested and approved by Yaskawa.

RL/RLW Reactors reduce reflective wave, motor peak terminal voltage, motor temperature, and audible noise for enhancement of motor performance and system efficiency. MTE reactors are great low-cost insurance to help keep the system running.

dV Sentry® filters not only eliminate peak voltages and reflective wave that can damage cable and motor insulation, but they also help protect motor bearings from damage by reducing common mode. The dV Sentry® is a 3-in-1 protection solution to help increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs.
The SineWave Guardian® delivers unequaled performance in cleaning the PWM waveforms generated by Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). It virtually eliminates high frequency content and voltage peaks, thereby reducing motor heating to give extended motor life and less downtime. The SineWave Guardian® also offers incredible reliability and durability. The Guardian’s higher efficiency and max temperature tolerance makes it ideal for a variety of applications from steel mills to oil fields. It all adds up to the best SineWave Filter, and the best value on the market today.

U1000 MATRIX Drive and MTE Motor Protection Solution Compatibility Index

*MTE part numbers shown are modular units only. NEMA 1/2 and NEMA 3R configurations also available. Contact MTE for more information.

Yaskawa U1000 Industral Matrix Drive
Part Number
Rated Output CurrentNominal HPCompatible MTE RLW Reactor
Part Number
Compatible MTE dV Sentry
Part Number
Compatible MTE SineWave Guardian
Part Number
CIMR-UU4A0011AUA117.5RLW-001401 DVSP0012E SWGM0012D
CIMR-UU4A0014AUA1410RLW-002101 DVSP0017E SWGM0017D
CIMR-UU4A0021AUA2115RLW-002801 DVSP0022E SWGM0022D
CIMR-UU4A0027AUA2720RLW-003501 DVSP0027E SWGM0027D
CIMR-UU4A0034AUA3425RLW-004601 DVSP0035E SWGM0035D
CIMR-UU4A0040AUA4030RLW-005501 DVSP0045E SWGM0045D
CIMR-UU4A0052AUA5240RLW-006501 DVSP0055E SWGM0055D
CIMR-UU4A0065AUA6550RLW-008301 DVSP0065E SWGM0065D
CIMR-UU4A0077AUA7760RLW-010401 DVSP0080E SWGM0080D
CIMR-UU4A0096AUA9675RLW-013001 DVSP0110E SWGM0110D
CIMR-UU4A0124AUA124100RLW-016001 DVSP0130E SWGM0130D
CIMR-UU4A0156AUA156125RLW-020001 DVSP0160E SWGM0160D
CIMR-UU4A0180AUA180150RLW-025001 DVSP0200E SWGM0200D
CIMR-UU4A0216AUA216175RLW-032201 DVSP0250E SWGM0250D
CIMR-UU4A0240AUA240200RLW-032201 DVSP0250E SWGM0250D
CIMR-UU4A0302AUA302250RLW-041401 DVSP0305E SWGM0305D
CIMR-UU4A0361AUA361300RLW-051501 DVSP0415E SWGM0365D
CIMR-UU4A0414AUA414350RLW-060001 DVSP0415E SWGM0415D
CIMR-UU4A0477AUB477400RLW-060001 DVSP0515E SWGM0515D
CIMR-UU4A0590AUB590500RLW-075001 DVSP0600E SWGM0600D
CIMR-UU4A0720AUB720600Contact MTEContact MTE SWGM0720D
CIMR-UU4A0930AUB930800Contact MTEContact MTE SWGM1000D