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Ahsan Javed


Ahsan Javed serves as President of MTE Corporation, a global leader in Power Quality solutions.  Prior to becoming President, he served as VP of Marketing for the company, starting in 2020.  Ahsan has over 20 years’ of experience and has held leadership positions at multiple businesses, driving growth in diverse industries including industrial automation, defense, medical, aerospace, and mobile handsets.  He is dedicated to delivering growth for the company through a strong company culture, innovative product development, operational excellence, and customer focus.  

Ahsan holds an M.B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin, and B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Rice University.  He is a patent holder for isolation and power products.  Ahsan resides in Chicago with his wife and three daughters. 

Bill Bickel

Vice President of Finance

Bill Bickel serves as Vice President of Finance at MTE Corporation. Bill has an impressive 40+ years of industry experience. In 1988, he began his tenure at TEAL Over the years, he has been associated with TEAL and various Steel Opco’s including TEAL, MTE, and SL Power Electronics. As a General Manager at TEAL, Bill was honored with the SHRM Workplace Excellence Award. He is also a Stanford University business simulation winner.  

Bill’s major goals for MTE revolve around driving profitable growth and creating opportunities for employees, all while fostering a positive company culture. Bill is excited by the prospect of being part of a winning team characterized by an exceptional culture and a growth mindset.

Nicole Belot

Vice President of Sales

Nicole Belot serves as Vice President of Sales at MTE Corporation. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as a leader in the B2B sales and marketing industry. With 27 years’ experience in B2B sales and marketing, she has continually driven business growth and innovation.

In August 2022, Nicole joined MTE as Vice President of Sales. Her core objectives within this role include driving growth in sales revenue, enhancing profitability, and diversifying the company’s business portfolio. She is also committed to delving deeper into market segments to gain a comprehensive understanding of MTE’s customers. What excites Nicole about working at MTE is the ongoing rebuild of culture that the company is undertaking.

Mike Miclot

Vice President of Marketing

Mike Miclot serves as Vice President of Marketing at MTE Corporation. Mike brings over three decades of experience in the Industrial B2B industry. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toledo and an MBA in International Marketing from Cleveland State University. Joining MTE in August 2023, his key focus is creating power quality solutions that maximize value for customers and shareholders.

Mike is motivated by the opportunity to join an outstanding company that offers a diverse set of solutions, effectively resolving real problems for customers across various industries. His enthusiasm for MTE’s innovative solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction make him a valuable addition to the company’s mission of delivering exceptional power quality solutions to customers.

Charlene Franz

Vice President of Human Resources

Charlene Franz serves as Vice President of Human Resources at MTE Corporation. She brings over 25 years of experience in the industry, backed by an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Management from Cardinal Stritch University. Since joining MTE in 2022, her primary goal has been to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace to support the company’s growth. Charlene is also a member of the American Heart Association Go Red For Women Executive Leadership Team through MTE sponsorship.

What truly excites Charlene about her role at MTE is the opportunity to create an inclusive environment where associates and leaders can thrive. She is passionate about empowering associates and leaders to step out of their comfort zones, enabling them to accomplish their goals through genuine and direct conversations about strengths and development needs. 

Todd Shudarek

Director of Engineering

Todd Shudarek serves as Director of Engineering at MTE Corporation. He has an impressive 33-year career in the industry. He attended University of Wisconsin Platteville where he received a BS in Engineering with a focus on control systems and communication systems and a Master of Science in Engineering, Engineering Design and Management.

In 1990, Todd joined MTE Corporation. Over the course of a 23-year tenure with MTE, his mission has been to drive technological advancement and innovation of power quality solutions and services. His goal is for MTE to be the technology and innovation leader providing complementary and integrated power quality solutions and services to our customers.  He aspires to foster a highly motivating environment that draws the best Engineering talent to MTE.

Ivan Espinoza

Vice President of Operations

Ivan Espinoza serves as Vice President of Operations at MTE Corporation. He has spent nearly two decades in manufacturing and design functions with broad experience in the automotive and electrical/electronics industry. Ivan earned B.S. degree in Mechanical Electrical Engineering followed by M.S. in Automation at the Tijuana Institute of Technology. 

Ivan’s responsibilities include manufacturing, supply chain, quality and continuous improvement functions, driving improvements in plant efficiencies. His efforts enhance safety, quality, delivery, and productivity, as well as helping to provide a healthy work environment for all employees.