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Flipbooks & Downloadable Versions of MTE’s Three Catalogs

MTE’s three catalogs provide comprehensive overviews of all of our Power Quality Products – Reactors, Motor Protection Filters, and Harmonic Filters.  Each one includes product summaries as well as selection tables with specifications and performance information.  Click the links to access interactive flipbooks and downloadable PDFs.

MTE Reactors Catalog

MTE RL and RLW line/load reactors and DC link chokes are well-known for their outstanding performance and robustness. With their long-established history of proven reliability, these products are unmatched in their ability to absorb power line disturbances that can cause damage to sensitive equipment such as Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), motors, and more.

By reducing nuisance tripping, minimizing long lead effects, and lowering harmonic distortion, MTE line/load reactors and DC link chokes can significantly enhance productivity, making them the best-in-class choice for customers.

Improve power quality. Enhance productivity. Increase your bottom line.

MTE Motor Protection Filters Catalog

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are used in a variety of industries to control the speed of AC motors. While VFDs allow for precise control of motors and greater energy savings, they also can create power distortions that cause premature motor failures, unexpected ground fault trips, and erratic behavior.

MTE’s best-in-class motor protection filters effectively mitigate, and in some cases eliminate, these challenges. Our unbeatable line of Nexus filters are the only product in the market today that can eliminate harmful common mode over-voltage ensuring your operations run longer and more efficient. Backed by the industry’s only 5-year motor bearing warranty, the Nexus is proven to increase productivity and your bottom line.

Whether you need protection at 50 ft or 15,000 ft, MTE’s motor protection filters are built to withstand the hottest, harshest, and most remote locations in the world.

MTE Harmonic Filters Catalog

Non-linear power systems, found in Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and uninterrupted power supplies, can generate harmonic distortions that lead to overheated components, circuit breaker tripping, and inaccurate sensor measurements. Such problems result in wasted time and financial resources.

At MTE, we offer a comprehensive range of harmonic mitigation solutions that effectively address these challenges. Our flagship product, Matrix AP, stands as the industry’s leading harmonic filter, while Matrix ONE excels as a single-phase solution. With our innovative solutions, we optimize system efficiency and enhance productivity, redefining the possibilities.