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TEAL Application Notes

TEAL: Separately Derived Sources

The Separately Derived Source (SDS) is one of the most cost-effective power quality measures that can be implemented for a sensitive load. Installation of a properly grounded, bonded, and located SDS can provide complete immunity from common-mode and grounding problems. However, improper installation of an SDS can result in a degraded level of protection or even contribute to power quality problems.

TEAL: Emergency Power-Off Circuits

The Emergency Power Off (EPO) button is a common feature in many medical, industrial, and data processing facilities. EPO circuits provide a fast, simple method of shutting down power to a room or piece of equipment. The EPO seems like a circuit function that requires little discussion. However, the simple EPO circuit presents several important design decisions.

TEAL: The Hidden Cost Of UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and are the ultimate form of power conditioning. These devices, when properly designed and applied, can provide comprehensive power conditioning for all power quality problems up to and including a complete
power outage.