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Frequently Asked Questions


Which Reactor Type is Right For You?

We often get asked by customers if we would recommend using an RL-Reactor or an RLW-Reactor. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when making this decision. The information on this page is designed to help you make that decision. However, if you’d like to speak to one of our application engineers you can call (262) 946-2818 or email

General Differences

In general, the RL Reactors are more robust and perform better with regard to watts loss and overload capability.  Both can be used on Line Side and Load Side, however the RLW needs to be derated when used on the load side.  Also, RL Reactors are available in open style, NEMA 1/2 and NEMA 3R cabinets.  RLW reactors are not available in NEMA 3R as a standard offering, but can be purchased in open style and in NEMA 1/2 cabinets.


Technical Specification Differences


RL Reactors RLW Reactors
Continuous Service Factor Reactors rated 1 to 750 amps: 150% of rating; Reactors rated above 750 amps: 125% of rating 100%
Overload Rating 200% of rated for 30 minutes; 300% of rated for 1 minute 150% of RMS rating for 1 minute; 200% of RMS rating for 10 seconds
Current Range (additional ratings may be available) 1A – 1,500A 0.5A – 750A
Temperature Rise 135 Degrees Celsius 140 Degrees Celsius
Inductance Curve 100% at 100% Current; 100% at 150% Current; 50% at 350% Current; 100% at 100% Current 80% at 150% Current; 50% at 200% Current
Impedance Levels 1.5%, 3% & 5%
Input Voltage Range 208V – 690V
Ambient Temperature -40 to 50 Degrees Celsius
Altitude Maximum Without Derating 1,000 meters
Fundamental Frequency 50/60 Hz