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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

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MTE Corporation helps many oil and gas producers by delivering a wide array of optimized, power quality solutions. Oil producers use a variety of pumps in their operations that are driven by variable frequency drives, which introduce harmful harmonic distortion. Unmitigated harmonics can result in equipment damage, costly downtime, nuisance tripping, and reduced efficiency.

The Oil & Gas industry is often divided into three segments – Upstream, Mid-Stream, and Downstream.

  • Upstream – The process of exploration and production.
  • Mid-Stream – The process of transportation and storage.
  • Downstream – The process of refining and marketing.

MTE’s primary focus in on Upstream, Onshore Production.

Oil and gas companies utilize a number of different pump types to aid in the extraction of oil and gas. The selection of which pump type is best depends on a number of parameters such as reservoir and surface characteristics, flow rates, and operating conditions. MTE solutions are most applicable to Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP), Reciprocating Rods (Rod Pump), and Progressing Cavity Pumps (PSP).

Power Quality Challenges for Oil & Gas Extraction

Many oil fields are in remote locations, often hundreds of miles from support personal. The increase in Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) usage at these oil fields has introduced a number of issues caused by harmful, unwanted harmonics. Unscheduled downtime and equipment failures like premature motor and transformer damage, and sensor signal interference, can result in extensive losses in revenue and productivity. MTE solutions provide peace of mind when it comes to the many power quality challenges oil and gas companies face.

  • Cost of Downtime – 92% of shutdowns are unplanned and result in significant monetary losses.
  • Safety and Welfare – Risky intervention maintenance can result in serious injury.
  • Environmental Factors – Remote locations face inclement transients from weather and storms.
  • Ownership and Maintenance Costs – 42% of upstream drilling equipment is over 15 years old.
  • Downhole Sensor Interference – Common mode noise can disrupt sensitive downhole sensor readings.

MTE Featured Oil & Gas Solutions

MTE’s broad range of solutions for the both the line and load side of VFDs help mitigate, and in some cases eliminate, the majority of the power quality issues that arise. Whether you’re looking for IEEE-519 utility compliance or you need to protect your permanent magnet motors from dangerous high frequency voltage spikes, MTE’s solutions have got you covered.

Line Side Solutions

Matrix® AP
Matrix® E-Series
RL Reactors

Load Side Solutions

SineWave Nexus™
High Frequency SineWave Guardian®
SineWave Guardian®