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MTE is an Official Rockwell Automation Technology Partner

MTE’s products easily and seamlessly integrate with Rockwell drives to reduce downtime and increase profitability.

SineWave Guardian® and dV Sentry® Filters

Power quality.  Solved.

Variable Frequency Drives, or VFDs, inadvertently create power quality issues that are often misdiagnosed as technical or equipment problems. MTE’s broad range of products – line / load reactors, harmonic mitigation filters, motor protection filters – mitigate unwanted harmonics on both the input and output side of the VFD to ensure your system runs smoothly while meeting, or exceeding, global agency requirements such as IEEE-519.

Trusted Partner – MTE has been a reliable Rockwell power quality partner of choice for hundreds of leading companies worldwide. Our robust portfolio of innovative products are certified to meet global agency requirements and are manufactured in ISO certified facilities.

Proven Track Record

  • Over 100 years of experience among our design engineers
  • Broad portfolio of products to solve any power quality issue

Market Responsiveness – In today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving market, where any downtime means lost productivity, MTE strives to keep pace by offering responsive support, rapid shipments, and an aggressive roadmap of new products to meet and exceed our Rockwell customers’ needs.

Service and Support

  • Real-time customer service to help track orders and expedite delivery
  • Extensive post-sales technical support
Customer Collaboration – MTE continues to invest in solving the problems of today and the challenges of tomorrow. We seek out inputs from our customers, partners, and the market to develop real solutions to complex power quality issues.

Market Leading Support

  • SineWave Nexus® eliminates common mode and differential mode
  • Matrix® AP meets IEEE-519 requirements at varying loads

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