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TEAL®: Defense & Aerospace

Custom Power Conditioning for Defense & Aerospace

Modernization of the defense and aerospace industries demands precise testing equipment to optimize systems which are, in many cases, critical to our national security.  Custom power conditioning and power distribution units (PDU’s) are essential to the stability of these highly sensitive, mission critical products.

TEAL® works directly with its clients to deliver customized power conditioning systems and PDU’s – from early design, prototyping, testing and certification – all the way through production.  These complete power conditioning systems deliver the clean power necessary to enable the highest system uptime and performance at an affordable cost.

The TEAL PowerRAX™ power subsystem provides turnkey equipment cabinets for the most stringent system. These commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Power Conditioning and Distribution Racks (PCDRs) are intended to provide and distribute AC voltages for Military-Aerospace test racks and come with TEAL GATEKEEPER™ 3.5kVA to 45kVA Power Conditioning Units. The PCDR performs control and protection functions to maintain compliance with multiple safety standards and agency approvals. Choose from a selection of COTS rack systems and feature options to meet your specific needs. All TEAL GATEKEEPER products can be modified to provide custom interfaces for both input and output.

Learn how TEAL can partner directly with your design engineers to provide uniquely customized power conditioning for your next defense or aerospace project.

  • Ease of installation and replacement:  We build customized units specific to your project.  It arrives, ready to use and incorporate into your OEM product.
  • Technical Support:  TEAL engineers are ready to make your project a success – even after install.
  • Long term assurance of supply: After product launch, and throughout our customers’ product life-cycle, TEAL delivers when our customers demand it.
  • Highly Customized Solutions: Your power quality solution should be as unique as your OEM product.   We partner with you, as an extension of your engineering team, to integrate our power quality expertise to meet your specific needs.  We deliver clean power, customized to your project.
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified Systems: One of several key initiatives that show our commitment to products that perform as promised.

Defense Industry

Testing high-performance, technology-based defense systems is mission critical. Customized TEAL power conditioning systems and PDU’s deliver clean power to Versatile Diagnostic Automated Test Systems (VDAT) for optimum performance.

Aerospace Industry

During the manufacturing process, computer-based avionic systems demand 100% accuracy – a result only accomplished through rigorous testing. Customized TEAL power conditioning systems and PDU’s produce clean power for these critical testing systems.