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PowerRAX™: The Ultimate Power Control and Distribution Unit

Configured to your exact specifications, these custom-built PCDU racks
are assembled, pre-wired, tested and include documentation

Custom Built PCDUWe produce the high-quality TEAL PowerRAX™ PCDU that provides and distributes AC voltage in test racks specifically for use in demanding aerospace, defense (A&D), medical and semiconductor applications.

The PowerRAX™ affords a single supplier for a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) cabinet solution, which eliminates the need to research and specify multiple parts from various suppliers.  This allows A&D engineers to configure the cabinet for their site based on their unique specifications.  TEAL’s engineering team then assembles pre-wires and tests a PowerRAX™ system, and it arrives complete with all of the required documentation saving customers time and money.

The PowerRAX is completely customizable to suit your specific needs.  Customers can choose to include the Gatekeeper Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit (ranging from 3.5kVA 1-Phase to 30kVA 3-Phase models), and TEALTran™ Isolation Transformers. All PowerRAX systems can be modified to provide custom interfaces for both input and output.  Customers can also configure shelve, drawer, and standard power distribution options.

They come complete painted blue (but can be customized for your color preference), perforated side panels, casters and levelers, control panel and an adaptable platform.

Reduction of Waste

  • Reduce power variance to ensure consistent operation
  • Reduce failures due to damaging power transients
  • Enhanced system reliability

Reduce Over Production

  • Remove the need to research & specify multiple ports from various suppliers
  • Eliminate the need to process orders with multiple suppliers
  • Single supplier for a PowerRAX™ solution

Reduce Development Time

  • Reduction of specification and documentation time
  • Improves mobility for future changes


Custom Built Rack Mounted Power Conditioning & Distribution Unit

New Product Offering: Combines racks, cabinets, power conditioning, control and distribution, tested and properly documented ready to ship in rugged re-usable shipping crates.

Adaptable Platform: Includes selectable power conditioning, features and distribution for almost anyapplication, ATE, Imaging Systems, Process Control, R&D.

Resource Multiplier: Reduces development workload by providing a turn-key product.

Enhanced System Reliability: Maximizes up-time with system isolation, harmonic mitigation andtransient suppression

Simplified Installation: No need for special power feeds or high impedance grey box transformers, TEAL’s PCDRs can be tapped for almost any voltage world-wide, minimizing facility preparation and planning needs.