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About MTE

The Power Quality Experts

MTE Corporation was formed in 1982 by bringing together Milwaukee Transformer Co., Transformer Design Inc. and Milwaukee Electronics Corp. – companies that specialized in different fields of magnetics and transformer designs and were long established in their respective fields. MTE vaulted into a leadership role in power quality with its unique AC reactor design and passive filter expertise. We continued to grow as a global leader with innovative Harmonic Filters, Motor Protection Filters and Sinewave Filters.

Now with the addition of TEAL Electronics in 2016, MTE brings a continuum of power quality solutions unmatched in the industry. Building on TEAL’s reputation of high-efficiency transformers and durable power conditioning and distribution units for demanding applications, MTE is building the best power quality company by capitalizing on the individual strength of each while bringing a new dimension in management, marketing, and quality.

Our team of professional design engineers has well over 100 years of collective experience in the industry and is complemented by as much experience in operations. Our engineers utilize state-of-the art platforms and best-in-class simulation/modeling tools so that new designs meet your needs and the latest compliance standards while improving your bottom line. At MTE, we know power quality because power quality is all we do.

Steel Partners Holdings, LP

MTE is an operating company within the Diversified Industrial Segment of Steel Partners Holdings L.P. (NYSE:SPLP). Steel Partners is a diversified holding company that engages in multiple businesses through consolidated subsidiaries, associated companies and other interests. The Company owns and operates businesses, and has investments in companies, in various industries, including diversified industrial products, energy, defense, supply chain management and logistics, banking and youth sports.

1982MTE Corporation Formed
1990Power Quality Division formed, introduced “Guard-AC” Reactor.
This unique reactor design vaulted MTE into a leadership role.
1994 Harmonics Analyzer
1996 Standard line of DC Link Chokes for drive OEM
1997 SineWave Filter
Single-phase 3rd Harmonic Filter
1998 Patent awarded for 1-phase Broad Band Harmonic Filter
2004 New dV/dt filter line with patented design
2006 Acquired by SL Industries
2012 New Matrix AP Harmonic Filter with patented “Adaptive Passive Technology”
2013 New SineWave Guardian Filters
2014dV Sentry™ dV/dt Filters with common mode reduction
2014Matrix®APAX Harmonic Filters
2015High Frequency SineWave Guradian™ Filters optimized for high frequency motors
2016Acquired by Handy & Harman Ltd.
2017MTE is an operating company within the Diversified Industrial Segment of Steel Partners Holdings L.P.