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Ruggedized Capacitors for Demanding Applications

The Toughest Capacitors in the Market – Period!

MTE Corporation is proud to announce the addition of the most advanced capacitors in the power quality market today – EnduraCaps™ – to their extensive line of harmonic mitigation and motor protection solutions.

Developed in partnership with Cornell Dublier Electronics (CDE), the experts in capacitor innovation, EnduraCaps™ represent the best-in-manufacturing technologies and material processes available.

The results of this collaboration include:

Longer overall product life through advanced purification of materials.

More consistent product through pre-operational voltage stressing to improve dielectric strength.

Increased voltage capability through the change of material.

EnduraCaps™ offer the following benefits to our most demanding customers:

Ruggedized Design ensures operation longevity in the harshest of environments.

Advanced processes that enable the capacitors to withstand hundreds of additional transients vs competitive designs.

Performance upgrades that result in over 30% improvement in breakdown voltage.

Convenient packaging that fits within the same exact dimensions as the previous design.

These process and material improvements yield an overall improvement of 33% in voltage breakdowns vs competitor solutions.

EnduraCaps™ are now shipping with Matrix® Harmonic Filters and SineWave Guardian® Motor Protection Filters used in Oil & Gas and select high horsepower applications.

Contact MTE today to learn more about our new EnduraCaps™.