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TEAL: Trusted Power Conditioning and Distribution

Since 1985, TEAL® has been the market leader in the design and manufacture of high-efficiency transformers, power distribution units (PDUs), and power conditioning and distribution units (PCDUs). Many of the top OEMs in medical imaging, flight simulation, military & aerospace, semiconductor, and other industries put their trust in TEAL to deliver a reliable, clean source of power that is 100% accurate – 100% of the time.

Why TEAL? It’s a simple, yet powerful answer. Reliability.


The accuracy of medical equipment has a direct impact on life and death discoveries, diagnosis or treatment. There is no room for mistakes or a misdiagnosis caused by power irregularities.

• Medical imaging (MR, MRI, PET/CT, X-Ray, and more)

• Robotic radiotherapy treatment

• Image-guided radiation therapy


Semiconductor chips are driving today’s electronics. Power quality plays a key role in testing semiconductors and avoiding problems within products before they ever get to reach the marketplace.

• Test systems for factory, depot, and intermediate test applications

• System Level Test Systems

• Automated Test Systems


Systems developed in the Defense and Aerospace Industries, and the testing used to optimize those systems, are critical to peak performance. When there is zero room for error, TEAL power quality is the answer.

• Multi-platform Avionics Test Systems

• Aircraft Electronic warfare (EW) Systems

• Test, training, and simulation systems


The electronics incorporated into today’s state-of-the-art flight simulators need to create and deliver an accurate learning environment. TEAL power conditioning systems optimize the performance of flight simulators.

• Level D-qualified full flight simulators

• Advanced flight training devices

• Visual systems and displays

Reliability Equals Trust. That’s The TEAL Difference

At TEAL, our primary focus is customized power conditioning and power distribution solutions. We have been trusted partners in producing patented new technologies since 1985. Contact a TEAL professional to assist you with your custom power solution project needs.

A LEGACY of innovation: