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Surge Arrestors Detailed Product Data

  • 3-Phase
  • 50/60Hz, 600 volts max.



For enhanced surge/spike suppression, PR-O-TECT surge protection modules can be factory installed and wired onto a Three Phase Reactor. In this installation the reactor and surge protection module work together for maximum attenuation of spikes. The reactor helps to extend the module life by attenuating the most severe parts of the spike.

Installation of surge protection modules is simple- the green wire is connected to your system ground terminal. The other wires connect to each of your three phase conductors.

PR-O-TECT Three Phase Surge Protection Modules offer protection of diodes, transistors, thyristors, SCR’s, etc. from dangerous voltage transients. They can reduce overall system operating costs by reducing equipment down time and maintenance costs, while improving system efficiency and reliability. Surge protectors will reduce the effect of lightning and even reduce radio frequency interference. Use PR-O-TECT Surge Protection Devices to protect adjustable speed drives, process control equipment, servo drives, uninterruptible power supplies and other sensitive electronic equipment.

Part NumberM-1778M-1777M-1781M-1776M-1775
Rated AC Voltage250275420550680
Average Power Dissipation1 Watt1 Watt1 Watt1 Watt1 Watt
Transient Energy (Joules)130 j140 j160 j210 j250 j
Peak Current 8/20 us (Amps)65006500650065006500
Varistor Voltage3904306809101100
Max Clamping Voltage650710112015001815
Max Clamping Current100100100100100
Capacitance @1KHz700pf630pf420pf320pf250pf
Response Time<15nsec<15nsec<15nsec<15nsec<15nsec
Number of Internal MOV's33333
Number of Leads44444
Operating Temperaturefrom -40C to +80Cfrom -40C to +80Cfrom -40C to +80Cfrom -40C to +80Cfrom -40C to +80C
Wire SizeAll leads are 14 AWGAll leads are 14 AWGAll leads are 14 AWGAll leads are 14 AWGAll leads are 14 AWG