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Solve power quality issues for my sensitive medical equipment

Power Quality is Critical for Sensitive Medical Equipment

Do you experience equipment lock ups or false readings? Has your equipment been damaged from power disturbances such as voltage spikes voltage spikes, surges, sags, EMI, transients, and high-frequency noise? If so, you may need Power Conditioning to protect your equipment and maximize uptime.

Are you confident that you are getting reliable power to your equipment?
MTE’s Teal Power Monitoring equipment adds another level of confidence that equipment is getting clean, stable power by measuring and communicating data on voltage, current, transients, and harmonics. Setpoints and alerts can be added to automate responses to harmful power situations.

Do you need to convert and/or distribute power?
If so, our Power Conversion and Distribution allows source power to be converted and distributed by a low-impedance isolation transformer within the PDU to meet the varied power needs of equipment in your facility.