Line/Load Reactors

How to Use a 3-Phase Line Reactor for a Single-Phase Application

MTE three-phase Line / Load Reactors can be used for single-phase applications by routing each of the two supply conductors through an outside coil, and leaving the center coil disconnected.  The illustration below demonstrates how a 3-phase line reactor can be used for a single-phase application. Using the mathematical method below you can calculate the inductance to…

How to Select the Reactor That’s Right for Your DC Drive

MTE three-phase AC reactors are not just for use with AC variable frequency drives. Use MTE reactors on the input of DC motor controllers to provide protection for the drives, and improve the quality of power supplied to other loads on the distribution system.

Applying Line/Load Reactors

Input to Inverter/Drive: On the input of an electronic motor speed controller, line reactors protect sensitive electronic equipment from electrical noise created by the drive or inverter (notching, pulsed distortion, harmonics). They also protect the controller from surges or spikes on the incoming power lines, as well as reduce harmonic distortion. They help to meet… Read more »