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Menomonee Falls, WI – May 24, 2023 – MTE Corporation, a globally renowned provider of electrical power quality solutions for commercial and industrial automation, proudly announces the release of its highly anticipated microNexus™ Motor Protection Filter. This cutting-edge product represents the latest breakthrough in MTE’s exceptional line of motor protection filters, guaranteeing complete elimination of harmful electrical harmonics from Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and safeguarding motor bearings against electrical damage. To further underscore its superior quality, the microNexus is accompanied by an unprecedented 5-year motor bearing warranty.

Leveraging the award-winning architecture of MTE’s renowned SineWave Nexus®, the microNexus seamlessly integrates the performance of a sinewave filter with the company’s patented common mode protection technology into a single, passive device. This innovative design offers the most comprehensive motor protection solution currently available on the market, all within a compact, optimally sized form factor that seamlessly fits within motor control cabinets (MCCs).

Todd Shudarek, MTE’s Senior Director of Engineering, commented, “The microNexus product embodies decades of design expertise. It has been optimized for size and ease-of-installation while delivering uncompromising motor protection capabilities. We are proud to offer performance that outshines our competitors.”

In addition to eradicating common mode and differential mode electrical noise, the microNexus negates the need for less effective solutions like common mode chokes, inductive absorbers, and shaft grounding rings. By eliminating bearing fluting failures, reducing motor noise, and preventing overheating, the microNexus sets a new standard for motor protection. Its pioneering design even allows for convenient VFD mounting to the front of the filter, saving valuable cabinet space.

Dan Schmidt, Product Manager, explained, “We developed the microNexus based on extensive market feedback, ensuring seamless product installation, uninterrupted operations, and the elimination of motor failures, a leading cause of detrimental downtime. Our confidence in the microNexus’ performance is exemplified by the industry-first, 5-year motor bearing warranty we offer.”

With a wide range of products spanning from 2 Amps to 22 Amps, the microNexus is tailored to meet the specific needs of material handling operations, including warehouses, distribution centers, and airports. For applications requiring higher amperage total motor protection, customers can use MTE’s larger SineWave Nexus solution.

“MTE continues to drive innovation in power quality, and the microNexus represents the latest flagship addition to our expanding portfolio of industry-leading products,” emphasized Ahsan Javed, President.

By delivering unparalleled motor protection in a compact and user-friendly design, the microNexus sets a new standard in the industry. MTE’s groundbreaking microNexus is the future of motor protection.

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