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Peak voltage is the highest point or highest value of voltage for any voltage waveform. It is a power quality issue that occurs when devices that use Pulse Width Modulation, such as a variable frequency drive, is added to a power system.  The resulting peak voltage is a result of the switching speed and length of cable (increasing impedance).

The effects of peak voltage can be destructive to an AC Motor and can result in pre-mature wear on a motor’s insulation.  Non-inverter duty motors should be capable of handling Peak Voltage: 1,000 volts, while Inverter Duty Motors should be capable of handling the following peak voltage levels: 575V motor: 1,782 volts; 460V motor: 1,426 volts*.

MTE offers a full line of best-in-class products to protect motors and improve productivity. Our dV Sentry™ filters (for cable leads up to approximately 1,000 ft.) features the patented Triple Defense Core, is proven to reduce common mode, protect against peak voltage, and reduce rise time – all in one unit.

Our SineWave Guardian™ filters (for cable leads up to approximately 15,000 ft.) deliver unequaled performance in cleaning the PWM waveforms generated by VFDs. It virtually eliminates high frequency content and voltage peaks, thereby reducing motor heating to provide extended motor life – and less downtime

*Source: NEMA MG-1, Part 30 and Part 31