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Nonlinear loads are the primary causes of harmonics in an electrical system. Non-linear loads draw short bursts of current, which creates a situation where current is not proportional to the voltage. These loads create harmonic distortion that can have adverse effects on your equipment.

Nonlinear loads are most associated with modern electrical equipment, such as: variable frequency drives (VFDs), arc furnaces, uninterrupted power supplies, florescent lights, computers and other items.

Arc furnaces can cause harmonics in electrical systems

uninterrupted power supplies can cause harmonics in electrical systems

Fluorescent lighting can cause harmonics in electrical systems


MTE offers the Matrix AP harmonic filter, which is the most advanced filter on the market today. It features patented Adaptive Passive Technology that allows it to perform like no other filter – adapting to varying loads and virtually eliminating distortion. The Matrix AP allows you to meet IEEE-519 standards.