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Passive harmonic filters are series filters (which means that current goes through the filter) that are used to reduce, or mitigate, harmonics to tolerable levels as defined by IEEE-519.

Passive filters use the following items to ‘filter’ (or clean) the current wave:

  • Input reactor
  • Output reactor
  • Shunt reactor
  • Capacitor

Passive filters have many advantages over the active harmonic filters that are available in the market today.  For example, MTE Corporation’s Matrix AP harmonic filter provides better performance feeding a 6-pulse drive than using 12-pulse or 18-pulse drives alone.  On top of providing better performance, the Matrix AP is available at a much lower cost, and will take up a substantially smaller amount of space.

Along with a lower physical and financial footprint, passive harmonic filters have guaranteed stability and have little to no power consumption.