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Reduce harmonic distortion and significantly reduce utility bills!

Matrix AP helps reduce harmonic distortion in power systemsTraditionally used to improve power quality, equipment life, and reduce heat loss, harmonic filters can also reduce utility costs. As energy demands increase, utility companies are turning to smart meters as a means to measure the total amount of power consumed. Smart meters, built with new electrical billing technologies, detect inefficiencies resulting in dramatically higher utility cost. The use of harmonic filters can lower these costs.

The challenge:

The use of a Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)/Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) helps run an electric motor more efficiently but they also introduce harmonic distortion.
Harmonic distortion negatively affects power quality which can lead to electrical equipment interference and energy waste. Unmitigated harmonic distortion reflected back to the grid causes power quality problems to the broader population.
Smart meters, unlike old mechanical meters, are capable of measuring total current draw including harmonics distortion that goes back to the grid.Smart meter deployment is expected to reach over 80 million by 2015 which will allow the utilities to capture and charge for the total energy used including harmonics.

The solution:

Reduce the harmonic distortion to decrease the current draw measured by the smart meter for a lower utility cost.
MTE’s Matrix® AP filter, with its patent pending adaptive passive technology, reduces harmonic distortion over a wide range of loads and outperforms all competitors.

The result:

Harmonic filters improve power quality, improve equipment life, reduce heat loss, and can reduce utility costs.
On a 500 HP motor at 100% load, utility costs can be reduced by over $1,309/month.

Utility Cost Savings From Reducing Harmonic DistortionOn the same 500 HP motor at 75% load, utility costs can be reduced by almost $1,137/month.


The Matrix AP Harmonic Filter, with MTE’s innovative adaptive passive technology, is the most advanced harmonic filter that provides improved power factor and energy efficiency. Using the patent pending adaptive passive technology, the filter adapts to various loads while providing optimized THID performance. It guarantees a THID performance of 8% MAX at 30% load and 5% MAX at full load and helps meet IEEE-519 requirements.

Matrix AP Benefits

  • Adaptive passive technology offers best-in-class harmonic reduction in virtually all applicationsThe Matrix AP helps reduce harmonic distortion in power systems
  • Efficient performance delivers lower heat generation and helps keep the entire electrical system running smoother and longer
  • Simplified wiring for quick, easy installation and serviceability
  • Modular design allows flexibility in system integration
  • Robust product design is backed by a three-year warranty